Monday, August 01, 2011

surf rides

Admittedly for most of us the ride to the beach is probably along the lines of a 10 year old Corolla with a missing hubcap, or at best something in the 'modern, reliable and a bit mundane but keeps the significant other happy' range (or a dented black truck if you're me). Still, it can't hurt to dream. The bottom one would be the sort of thing you could do a trip in down the coast of Peru, or Morocco, or some Scandinavian spot, and do it in style. The Bucky Fullermobile might want a bit more forgiving roads, but would look mighty good cruising the Basque country for instance, especially given how many bottles of Patxaran you could stash in the back.


Anonymous said...

Oh my god - how cool are they?

Anonymous said...

yeah man, we got to plan a european adventure when i get settled..