Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Surf & Tea

Some of you, like myself, may have seen Gerry Wedd's work in a Surfer's Journal article and had your interest piqued. He's had this blog going for while with a lot of ceramic work there, and it's really amazing stuff. There's a definite surfy element to what he does (He was involved in Mambo clothing for a while too) but it transcends being 'surf art'. That said, I really love the series of tiles with portraits of the great surfers on them- beautifully done and there's a nice sense of humor to it all, as you can see from the non ceramic related posts he's made. He's playing with some really interesting approaches to a traditional craft style, something I like a lot when it's done well and Mr. Wedd is certainly doing that. The man knows how to make a good looking teapot which is a wonderful art, and as an unashamed tea drinking obsessive (3 to 4 pots a day on top of the morning coffee) I'd also like like to direct your attention another favourite of mine, the Tea Appreciation Society, mad limeys though they may be, it's a fun way to while away a few minutes. My thanks to Kidman and Manny Caro for unwittingly steering me to this stuff too. Better yet the waves have been good and the weather lovely so I'm in full work/responsibility avoidance mode.


gerry said...

What am I doing here? I'm a bit of a surf blog trawler and was familiar with yours.
Thanks for the nice commentary.

Kirk said...

Really? How stoked am I you're checking this thing out? Thanks for that, and how big is that new McCoy you posted?

gerry said...

5' 6'' by 22''by 3''