Thursday, February 11, 2010

Domo Arigato Mackie San

Mick Mackie has sent snapshots from his visit to Hokkaido no less. Clueless as I may be about snow stuff, these bindingless swallowtail snowsurf boards look like some serious sort of fun. The level of board sport interchange is really nuts, the snowskate guys have been working the same basic line of thought from a skateboard angle, and the crossover with Mick's high tech flex fish is obvious.
...And furthermore, 3 days down the line I get an edifying email from Mr. Mackie himself. It seems I'm truly utterly clueless about the snowboard side of it all. Those boards do indeed have bindings (you can see 'em for chrissakes!). They are still totally awesome looking, and they're made by a company on Hokkaido called Gentemstick, the one on top is a Rocketfish and the one below a Spoonfish which makes sense just looking at them. Gentemstick have a pretty nice website here, their whole deal seems pretty epic- living a snow/surf lifestyle on Hokkaido, and living it with serious style.

Meanwhile I have this 5'9" on hand should anyone feel like acquiring some sidecut flextail magic, at pre-currency crash prices no less. These boards are a revelation for the fish enthusiast.

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