Sunday, February 21, 2010

Little Black Wheels & Australian Efficiency

Down there on the sunny east coast of Australia, our mate Mick Waters has been quietly getting on with it all and deserves congratulations for two new deliveries. One is the proverbial bouncing baby (now months old- I'm late on things as always) and the other is the new film. 'Believe' was a very nice addition to the canon of surf film, and this new effort looks like another beauty in a similar vein (nice wave Mick Hughes is getting there too.) I'm hassling Mick to get copies of 'Little Black Wheels'and maybe a restock of 'Believe' too, so if you're interested let me know. Here's a link to an interview with Mr. Waters. Nice work indeed, and as one who's paternal relatives ran timber scows on the Murray for years, I wish a little of that Australian efficiency would show up in my character.

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