Sunday, January 17, 2010

GEF and Dogtown

all images Glen E. Friedman

Glen Friedman is in town, stoked as ever and checking some old haunts. The man is so excited by the new Venice Skatepark it's infectious, and who better to be among those giving the seal of approval to such a venture. He said everyone from 8 year old shredders to Pat Ngoho was there and ripping this weekend, and it's a great thing. He scribbled up some books too- there's a small stack of 'Dogtown- Legend Of The Z-boys' now signed by Glen and C.R. Stecyk. $35 each postpaid in the USA, and you can email info at to order. Dogtown has been good to me this week too, it's been home to some solidly good surf with size, tide and sandbars coming together perfectly at times. 5'5" mini Sim and 5'9" Mackie flextail gave me a run of exceptionally good sessions so I'm feeling good (if a little tired.)

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