Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ether Monthly #8- Parmenter

Dave Parmenter surfing Victoria and shaping, all photos Kidman from the truly magnificent Ether. Available from info at foamandfunction.

'In the late ‘80s, my tourmates and I played a game called “Faces of Death,” in which we’d zap around beach towns in France, Spain, Portugal, and Australia pulling massive, screaming handbrake slides as close as possible to unsuspecting pedestrians, which drew some magnificent facial expressions as well as a few dives into nearby bushes. Once we pulled one on Top 16-ranked Dave Parmenter, who was notorious for his Clint Eastwood-like demeanor. Dave barely flinched. From this simulated near-death experience we concluded that he was the Real Deal.'

Jamie Brisick

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Clams said...

hahahah This is amazing! I might borrow this one!