Sunday, October 05, 2008

Rub & Scrub

Bailed on an open day to surf on Weds and instead spent the day cleaning house which turned to be far more rewarding than a day battling little waves and big tides. I not only have a more comfortable residence, but I found my sunglasses which had fallen down behind some books, the Duchess made an excellent and extravagant repast (accompanied by foaming ales) and I finally pulled these shirts remaining from the tour out to photograph. The yellow ones are hand screened by Kidman using the same screens he makes his art with, and were limited to the 20 or so he brought up. What you see here is what's left, and the catch is they are all size medium. (I'd be keeping the Kenvin & Spoons one if it were a large.) The white shirt is the infamous 'Completely Untrustworthy' tour poster that got us reviled by the surf-art community. Original Kidman sketch making fun of us that RK pounced on and put on white cotton T's, much better range of sizes- S, M & L for the ladies, M, L & XL for the gents. Prices are $35 postpaid in the US for the Kidman screens, $25 postpaid in the US for the 'Untrustworthy'. There's also still copies of Ether itself available of course, and it's an ideal christmas gift for the surfer you want to make very happy. Email consafos at for orders or info as always. I did head out on Friday and was utterly happy I dragged my arse out of bed. The SaMo beachie was moderately crap, but there was a bit more size and power than we've seen in a long while, and corners opened up so I could not only give the flextail a few good runs down the line, but actually got to throw a little spray on top turns. I still went down the mines on some closeouts, but it was a far better day than had expected. Of course it didn't hold and Saturday was not much good, more closeout than shoulder and the size bottomed out fast as the tide came up and I obviously should have gone north as planned, but the good Friday and crowd fear threw me. All of which reminds me, Mackie has updated his website and there's some nice new pictures up- take a look via the link over on the right. I've said it before and I'll keep saying it, (and not just because I want you to buy one) but the Mackie boards are the business. Mick is playing with board design elements in a forward thinking way, and he's delivering. Between the Casper and these boards it's like being a grom stoked on surfing all over again.

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