Friday, October 17, 2008

3 (It's The Magic Number)

Despite being the twin fin obsessive I am, winter is the time a young man's thoughts turn to the mighty three fin cluster and something serious to pit them against. I'm hardly young anymore, but here's the business as sculpted by Tim Griffin- a serious looking widowmaker for his personal use (" out Blacks"), and one for the ladies in the form of a Lynch team board for Serena Brook. She's going to charge some waves many of us would rather not deal with on that thing, and do it with confidence. Fine work indeed. I'm not alone in these thoughts, Joey at Grey Ghost beat me to the thruster punch with a Brewer post and even RK is getting in on it all with the oddest tri you'll see this year over at Hydrodynamica. Bring on them waves.


R.T. said...

after taking a break from thrusters to explore other fin clusters, all anyone has to do to is watch the early thruster era segment of the flick "Hot Buttered Soul" to get re-fired up to ride one, possibly with a bit of width and thickness in the foam. a brilliant design. THANK YOU Mr. Anderson.

Anonymous said...