Monday, July 28, 2008

Working Hard For The Rent Man

Joe Curren photo

Much afoot the last few days. Joe C was around for about 12 hours, but in that time we looked over some book stuff and it's coming along nicely. He then spent much of the evening organizing an expensive last minute dash to where there might be some southern hemi waves and at 6am I left him at LAX. Don't feel too sorry for him though, he drank all my beer and will be probably scoring barrels right now. When he gets there, it'll be Patrick Trefz standing on the beach with his megaphone making sure Joe and the boys get the shots. Patrick has been on it too, he has a Thread related book in the works and is working hard on a new film project. The flurry of productivity is all over, as word has been filtering out of the border towns that the master of the Arcane, Richard Kenvin, has been sighted delivering finished projects. He's a man with an epic 'To Do' list, but I believe it's getting worked on. The boys down under aren't getting left out either. Mackie says the sidecuts are done, flextail's at the glasser and we should see them within a few weeks- stoked! Meanwhile up in Byron Bay Devo have scored the support gig of the year, playing with the Brown Birds From Windy Hill. Let's hope Purcho gets one of those flowerpot hats.

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Hydrodynamica ETA?