Monday, January 21, 2008

Unalloyed Capitalism #1

Actually, I'm the conduit only for a fine deal. That's a 6'2" EPS Bauguess shaped Simfish, and a guy called Tim decided he doesn't need it. It's in basically mint condition, ridden once and is only $550. Insane good deal. His email is 49bluenote at and someone should jump on it.


pushingtide said...

What is the deal with the scooped out nose? Noticed that on the casper board too in the RK video at the Queen.

Love that shape of fish, shaping my 4th like that now. Always thought it was kinda kooky with a round nose on a fish but i love doing cheater 5's and trying to walk on the nose. Now seeing the Swift boards, maybe it ain't so kooky. Nice!!

Deep Deep said...

Me thinks it has to do with the whole hull shape genus and family tree. Something called an S curve... would someone with more knowledge pls drop it here, I sound like an idiot.

Regardless, that board looks SEEEEEEK, got a bottom shot of it?

Kirk said...

Tide and Deep- the nose is pure Simmons and there's adefinitely a bit of S-deck going on. The 9' balsa has a really pronounced spooning, and as far as I figure it creates a bit of belly right there where you need it. Really fun boards- I say go for the round nose tide- you're using EPS too, no?

Anonymous said...

Anybody going to NZ soon :-)
I would love to get my dirty little flippers on that board.

Kirk, thanks for a cool blog. BTW, is Andrew planning an Antipodean Ether Tour?

pushingtide said...

Thanks Slide.