Sunday, January 06, 2008


8'10" Larry Mabile mega-twinzer

My thanks to the fine folks at Shelter for throwing a hell of an opener for the book tour. It's a great surfshop and couldn't be cooler- family run, full of goodies (like the freshly dropped 8'10" Swift LaMo above) and willing to let us lower the tone of the neighborhood. I had a fine time and saw some very entertaining people- Rob & Maggie from 70% who are great about showing up and supporting these kinds of things, Josh Hall, Eric from Axxxe wetsuits- a whole crew of people who have been cool about backing our half assed projects in all forms. I was stoked to meet Ryan from Warbles in person, and Jeff Beck from NineLights surfboards as well. For a wet Saturday night in Long Beach, it was a stylin' time. High point of the night probably had to be selling a book to Gnar Gnar of 'Invasion...' fame. Epic stuff. And we get to go to Ventura this Friday and do it all again. Makes the past week of book signing and organizational hell well worth it for me. Extra fun is we've added a night at the Pod Room in Oceanside on the 24th of Jan. Andrew will play music it seems, and I will gladly peddle more merch. It's dawning on me that part of the payoff for all this work is I get to spend a month hanging out in some cool surfshops and that it's really not a bad thing. If I can factor in some surf time it's going to be a very tiring and entertaining month.


brownfish said...

Great to hear about the addition of the POD room. Will definately try and make that one. Sounds like everyone had a great time at Shelter.

Shelter Surf said...

Rad to hang with you guys! Thanks for making Shelter the first stop on the tour! We were stoked to have you and cant wait for an excuse to do it again.. Next time AK is out, we'd love to have him play some tunes as well! We'll definitely be seeing you all before the end of the tour and might have to make a visit to the pod room as well!

seamouse said...

That board is so pretty. If only I had the space on my dancecard.

All the best with the book (not that it looks like you'll need it) and keep the good blog a rollin'.