Sunday, September 03, 2006


Garth Dickenson from 'Glass Love'

Couldn't be happier- new truck so I've been mobile the last week, at least some showing of swell- not the biggest or best shaped, but that's OK as the fish works and it was still nice, trunkable weather. I even scored Saturday parking spots and surfed 4 hrs yesterday. Besides the truck the time out of the water was due to work, and the Andrew Kidman book is go. A selection of Andrew's work from 85 to 06. Interviews, articles, photography, movie stills and even some of his lyrics. No final title yet but Andrew has sent a few images and they are awesome. (Like the shot of Garth above, riding a MIchael Mackie fish I believe.) It's a wy off, summer 2007, but damn it's going to be good.


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