Wednesday, November 02, 2016


Very early days on this, but we are extremely happy and proud to be able to say that we'll be carrying boards from Griffin Stepanek. This feels like the most exciting time in surfboard design for decades, there's so much experimentation going on, old designs that got passed over in the waves of progression that happened around times like the shortboard boom and the creation of the thruster set up are being revisited and reevaluated. Young shapers are looking at the roots of their performance shortboards and playing with the concepts. It's fun stuff going on out there, and the likes of Griffin Stepanek are making it happen. Griffin's a young guy and was part of the Yard Possum crew that terrorized the surfing establishment of La Jolla a few years back. They tore Windansea up on the weird little Simmons creations of Hydrodynamica, they surfed blocks of foam and back yard monsters and have gone on to be a seriously solid and talented bunch of guys. Griffin has been quietly shaping and honing his skills in Northern California and as you can see, he's done a good job of it. Boards are in the works and we'll keep you updated.....

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