Sunday, November 20, 2016

More Surfboards From Neal Purchase Jnr.

5'8" Quartet

6'2" 2+1

6' Duo

6'8" Duo

5'8" 2 +1

Barraging you with NPJ photos, but another box arrived (and there's another one due soon) which is pretty fun for those of us who like a good modern surfboard with some retro elements. These shockingly inept photos don't give you a proper feel for how clean these boards are. Neal's been working with this slightly eggy shape for a while, he surfs it and refines it and has it absolutely down. Rails aren't fat and boggy like a lot of retro influenced shaped, there's a little deck roll on thicker boards to keep the foam where it needs to be, but nor are they bladed to the point where the board becomes a struggle to turn. It's these fins too, the Duo setup is amazing given how much fin there and it's something that Neal has spent the last few years playing with and tweaking and adjusting. Design in action, and it's good. If you're interested in one of these rather fun surfboards, we can get you organized with a custom very quickly and easily., just email for details.


reverb said...

...hi Kirk,
the 5 8 s look pretty functional.

Checking previous photos I think that you really need to test one of my fishes.


Kirk said...

I know I need to try one of your fishes!

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