Thursday, July 14, 2016

Surf Craft At The Sonoma

Currently open at the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art is Richard Kenvin's very wonderful 'Surf Craft' exhibit, probably the most eclectic and interesting array of surfboards displayed in one place, and definitely a superb look at how the more experimental and progressive design elements of surfboards have evolved. The exhibit is a must see, and the Sonoma Museum has upped the col factor with a range of events- surf movies every Friday,  Christian Beamish talking about his travels on his home built boat 'The Cormorant' on Sept 24, RK and Carl Ekstrom discussing design on July 30 and Saturday July 16 there's not only a paipo building workshop with Jon Wegener during the day, but also what looks like being an incredible evening presentation called 'Shape Heroes' with Dave Parmenter, Dannny Hess, Griffin Stepanek, Stretch and Jon Wegener all discussing their craft and Mr. Beamish (an excellent shaper in his own right) will moderate. Just go, it'll be worth every effort.

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