Saturday, July 23, 2016

Dave Parmenter Channel Bottom

The board in these images is a 6'2" 6 channel single fin shaped by Dave Parmenter and glassed to a degree of extreme amazingness by the good folks at Waterman's Guild. Better yet the Guild has this quite magic board for sale at $885 which is a bargain. As beautiful as this is as a piece of sculpture, it's a truly functional surfboard as well. Dave created the original for Stephanie Gilmore as part of the 'Spirit Of Akasha' film project, using the single fin shortboards of Michael Peterson and crew as jumping off point. It's truly a modern single fin design, it feels as nimble as any multi fin, but has that wonderful buttery glide of a classic single. It's an addictive board to ride, and this rather spectacular example is available- email for all details.

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