Saturday, November 28, 2015

Spirit Of Akasha Deluxe

Heath Joske (photo Trefz)

Matty Yeates & self shaped quiver

Sam Yoon & self built hot tub

The above images are all from Andrew Kidman's 'Spirit Of Akasha' film which is a seriously excellent piece of work, a riff on where all that Alby Falzon documented in his seminal 'Morning Of The Earth' has gone or is going. In true Kidman fashion, he's  gone the extra distance to present his vision as entirely as possible, and there's a beautiful deluxe edition of the film soundtrack that includes not only music on CD and vinyl (with music by The Windy Hills, Tom & Leanne Curren, Bonnie 'Prince' Billie, Grouplove, Dirty Three, Chris Robinson Brotherhood, Atoms For Peace and more) but also a 'Morning Of The Earth REDUX' DVD, a bonus 7" a shirt, a film poster and an amazing 120 page hardbound book from where these images were grabbed, all in a printed box. The book features not only photos and stills from the film, but musings on design from Dave Parmenter and Terry Fitzgerald, stories of Curren's footwear, Sam Yoon & Alan Byrne and of course Alby Falzon explaining 'why'. It's quality beyond the expected levels and mirrors the quiet but intense  passion the participants in the film show. It's an attempt to make something lasting and function and beautiful, and it works. There's a matching 'Morning Of The Earth' set featuring the film's original soundtrack and the 'MOTE- Reimagined' album which features the original tracks covered by many of the same artists featured on 'Akasha', both on vinyl and CD as well as an exclusive 7", a MOTE shirt and the film poster as well as a 120 page book with original images from the film. Beautiful stuff and heinously limited but we have a single copy of each box available at $130 each. Email info @ for details. 

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Anonymous said...

One of the best surf films ever, bar none.

Thanks, Andrew. And thanks, Kirk, for bringing it to the US.