Saturday, November 21, 2015

Golden Mean Machine

This one, dear readers, is mine. I've coveted this shape since I first saw RK's one some time ago and after much delay I have it and I couldn't be happier. The deal is, Daniel Thomson is a really decent guy- he has this fantastic setup with Firewire to produce his boards but he also made provisions to do a limited number of the CyberSim and GMM shapes for Hydrodynamica through XTR. This one is a 6'2", a boat by Daniel's standards where 5'2" is more the norm, but I wanted that rail length and planing area while still have something that's about 'normal' shortboard length. After 1 surf in small and mediocre conditions (which is the majority of what we have to surf in LA) it was obviously the right call, but I can see why Daniel likes to make 'em small- a 5'6" would be quite functional and I think a 5'2" would be fun, but at 6'2"- this thing is a monster. It paddles beautifully, gets into waves easily and just flies- get it on the face and it's away- comes off the mark like a sports car and feels incredibly responsive but solid on the wave, not a hint of the twitchy HP board feel. It'll see some water time for sure, and I would unhesitatingly recommend it as the sort of board you'll use in 'normal' conditions. Let me get into a bigger/better wave and I'll report back, but I have a feeling it will be equally at home there. XTR has all the info here, and the newer version in stringerless epoxy sporting the Evo style channels looks like a winner. 


warm jet said...

rad. That is just what i will get when i get one.
i been staring at the XTR site and the PayPal button using major restraint.
I bet it functions similar to to EVO yet looks like it is out of an Eames catalog.
(yes,"foam, fashion and function")

very cool you got more length too. my friend did the same with a Vader and got it 5'8"

warm jet said...

btw... keep up this page... people will be back and i smell an INSTA REVOLT coming

Kirk said...

Thanks for the kind words Warm Jet, I'm glad people still look at this and after a pretty chaotic and crazed year, it's going to be given a little more love- Instagram is great for a short attention span hit, this will hopefully become a more focused and in depth take on what's going on there. GMM- just amazing. Don't hesitate. This and the 6'5" Mackie are just blowing my mind, so functional and so fun. Both work in different ways but are so complimentary. Very happy.....

Maz said...

Looks like good times.
Greetings from the old country :-)