Thursday, September 24, 2015

Spirit Of Akasha & Morning Of The Earth Limited Boxsets

This is pretty cool- in the merch stack for the Spirit Of Akasha tour that arrived (late) from Australia, there were the last 2 limited box sets for the films. Both are sealed and and fabulously deluxe- the Akasha box contains the double soundtrack CD, the MOTE redux vinyl, the double Akasha vinyl, a 7" single with bonus tracks, a fantastic 120 pg photo book, a t-shirt and a poster! The MOTE box meanwhile features the original film soundtrack (which holds up seriously well) as well as the  MOTE Reimagined version, both on CD and vinyl, a 7" single, a 120pg book with Alby's original images from the film as well as a shirt and a poster. Well cool, and as far as we know the last two available. Price is $130 each, email info @ for details.

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