Saturday, September 05, 2015

Morning Of The Earth Soundtrack

Alby Falzon's 1971 opus 'Morning Of The Earth' absolutely resonates for a certain sector of the surf culture (and the simple fact you're looking at this blog means you're probably part of that sector), it's a defining moment and to this day an inspiration. Full of absolutely iconic moments- MP's cutback- and a vision of what surf culture was (and could be) in gentler, more considered times it stands up to repeated viewings to this day. Integral to the film is the soundtrack, and we're absolutely stoked to be able to make it available in the US for the first time. As a quite brilliant bonus, the original soundtrack is packaged with the Reimagined version which is the original covered by contemporary acts including the Windy Hills, Bonnie Prince Billy, Tom Curren, The Goons Of Doom, Pond and Mick Turner amongst others. Epic. Available as limited double vinyl for $35, regular double CD for $15 or deluxe double CD packaged with a book of Alby's original images for $25. There's also copies of the movie in PAL format for $25. Simply email info @ to order or ask questions, and this can soon be on high rotate in your home or your car as you head to the beach, much as it is around here.

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