Thursday, May 15, 2014

Barry Snyder

Every time I see a photo of one of Barry Snyder's boards, I'm stopped by it. They look consistently great, and this one is no exception. Apparently made to enter in the 'Best Of Show' deal at this weekends Boardroom event, it is a seriously fun looking concept. If you're in SoCal, the Boardroom is Saturday & Sunday at the Del Mar Fairgrounds and is absolutely worth whatever effort it takes to get there, especially if there's craft like this on display.

My apologies for lagging a little on blog posts, but I have been working with this Wheels & Waves thing coming up. The very positive side of that is the effort is paying off in places, and there is some seriously good stuff on it's way, and I mean seriously. Boards? Definitely, from three sources now and very soon. Fins? Yes indeed! Books? Music? The ever talented and efficient Andrew Kidman will have that cover by early next week if the international post behaves itself. Please bear with us, it's about to get really good....

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