Friday, May 30, 2014

And Finally, Still Better Thanks To Cronulla

Awesome. We now carry the Neal Purchase Jnr.  Wolfhound fins! Crafted to NPJ's exacting standards in Australia by The Salty Merchant, these are the real deal. No stunts, but plenty of base and nicely thick which in simple terms equals drive. There's the 7.5" in the beer tint and the 8.5" in the bottle tint, both coming in a nice canvas and cord pouch. Very excited to have these, email info @ foamandfunction if you want in on the action. Better yet, this isn't really the final batch of new and good stuff coming. Post Wheels & Waves adventures there will be more- new Parmenters are on the way and there's a potential retail space in the very near future. Thanks for your interest and stay tuned....

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