Wednesday, July 03, 2013


Alright, back to pictures of surfboards for a while. To maintain a sort of narrative flow here, these are Parmenters made for the 'Spirit Of Akasha' project Andrew Kidman is working on. There's a blue trimmed MP inspired stub and a yellow trimmed channeled single made expressly for Stephanie Gilmore. You can see more of this over at the Akasha site, and I very seriously suggest taking a look at this, which is some footage shot for the film in Ireland- heavy, heavy water in action and filmed beautifully. You can also visit Andrew's site and get your hands on one of the limited edition books he's done over the last couple of years. Both 'Lost In The Ether' (DVD & book) and 'Single' (based around Steph riding her board) are only available there and are nearly gone.

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