Sunday, July 07, 2013

Surfboards Pt. 2- Kneeboards by Chris Cockett

I found these really quite amazing creations at a highly recommended kneeboard site called The site itself is completely worth a scroll through, there's some great photos there, but these boards jumped right out at me. One Chris Cockett came up with them, and there's some interesting explanation of what he was aiming for as far as rail curve and flex go. I'm very much a proponent of 'modern' materials in boards, so seeing carbon and kevlar used this well makes me very happy. Chris' ride reports seem to bear out his ideas as working, so this is great stuff all round.

And an update- Chris is apparently in the UK and there's a thread on his boards  on a kneeboard forum here that is totally worth checking out- he's doing some very wild stuff with construction.


Chris Cockett said...

Hello Kirk.....thank you for the kind words, was surprised to come across this!
For the whole story please check the following link -

Best regards

Chris Cockett

Kirk said...

Chris- thanks for finding this obscure corner of the internet! The boards are just epic, love seeing that much thought and envelope-pushing going into a surfboard. Feel free to keep us updated on what you're doing!

Chris Cockett said...

Thanks Kirk, will do!

Iola said...

This is gorgeous!