Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mackie For Sale- 6'3" Stub

Over the last few years of helping Mick Mackie sell a few boards in the Northern Hemisphere, I have accumulated a little 'show quiver'- basically boards that Mick made so people can see one in the flesh as it were. Usually I tend to pick boards I like, and on occasion wind up 'testing' them which means it's now used and i may as well keep it. Currently I'm sitting on 3 boards that have at various times come extremely close to being 'tested' and I'd like to not do that. Better to move them on and maybe get a few new ones to show? Preferably boards I don't want. Anyway, here's the first deal:
6'3" x 21.5" x 2.75" Singlefin Roundtail Stub
Serious s-deck and bladed rails on this thing, and a flexfin that Mick hand foiled. Simple outline, but the foam distribution on this thing is amazing, and it's glassed with a volan deck patch. Beautifully crafted board and it's going to be a complete screamer down the line.
It's out the door for $775 which is a great deal given the current exchange rate.
Email info @ if you have questions or interest.

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