Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Captain Goodvibes

Never have I been happier to see a package from Torquay. I finally got around to springing for the Captain Goodvibes compendium from Flying Pineapple, and it is a work of some genius. Tony Edwards' creation graced the pages of Tracks through the Seventies, and became a somewhat legendary icon for a certain breed of antipodean surfer. I discovered him in the eighties, and loved what I saw- madly psychedelic and precise art (Edwards was an architectural draftsmen unsurprisingly) with a demented and morally bankrupt narrative thread when there was a narrative thread at all. And it all featured a indestructible surfing pig. Years on it's great to see again and realize just now much more was going on than I ever saw, and the good Captain, the 'thinking man's fuckwit'- he's better than ever.  If you have any interest in the decidedly non-mainstream threads of surf culture, this book becomes an essential item.

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