Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Fanning, MP & Jones via Kidman

Simon Jones, the man behind the Morning Of The Earth surfboard company, has shaped a couple of very tidy MP influenced boards to put under the somewhat talented feet of Mick Fanning. Both are singles, one a 'modernized' version of the classic old school MP sleds (which you can see Mick putting into some new places in the first photo), the other a classic channeled racer that is making me really wish our surf here would get over 2'. This has been documented as part of the 'Spirit Of Akasha' project Andrew is working on with Alby Falzon, and it's really going to be a corker if these shots are anything to go by. Since I'm being a totally lazy sod and cribbing a post from Kidman, here's one more in the single fin stakes- Heath Joske with the board his brother Sage shaped him that was mentioned a couple of posts back. Hope you're all getting a bit more water time than me.

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