Saturday, August 11, 2012

Diamond Tails & Chemises

Is that where Parmenter got his plan shape from? There are some of the 'Simmons' hoodies for sale, grey, blue or brown, L or XL and even a few ladies sizes in grey. $35, shipping included. The Bernoulli equation shirts are in red or grey, $25. Email info @ foamandfunction to order or ask questions. Please send waves.


reverb said...

...hello man, long time;
I just checking and see that you put some interesting boards.
I build one very similar to that Red one with fin box. Works pretty good on clean hollow waves.

Kirk said...

Reverb! Good to hear from you and that you're still out there shaping- feel free to send pics of the boards to the email address, I love seeing them!

althea arbues said...

These boards are way to cool. You'll be hitting the waves perfectly with this one. Its a sweet ride.
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