Monday, July 23, 2012


It's down to the last few copies of a couple of the books we put out, and I'm throwing them out here before they wind up on EBay or some such place. Both are from Glen Friedman and are the original collections of his skate & music photography. Glen was so on it it's not funny- shooting the original Dogtown crew as a teenager, working with Bad Brains, Black Flag, Minor Threat, Circle Jerks and many more as well as shooting covers for Public Enemy, Run DMC, Beastie Boys and many other hip-hop mainstays. Much of it is in these 2 books, and it's all good. Fuck You Heroes was the original book, and you can have one of the last few copies for only $33. (free shipping inside the US, $10 outside) Fuck You Too followed it, and was more of a scrapbook approach- some crazy stuff in there. It's really done, I have a couple of slightly shopworn copies that are a deal at $20 (free shipping inside the US, $10 overseas) and that's it until we reprint. Email info @ if you're interested.

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