Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Flextail Feedback

So as I've mentioned, the above flexboard was done as a custom for Chris in Hawaii and it appears he's well happy with it. Here's a nice succinct ride report from a couple of weeks back: Sat on the board for a while to wait for some waves to come before taking it out for its maiden voyage. A few weeks ago we had a nice south swell come in at 2-4 Hawaiian. Waxed the long flex tail up and headed out. Notice first off that paddling felt a little down on foam and figured that would be the case due to the big flex tail. Settled in and got my rhythm on. Got out and missed the first two. Then got my first wave on it. Popped up like normally would and bam! Felt that flex tail kick and engage. Went up the face and over the back. Kinda was amazed and wowed. Got my second one and ease that rear foot weight. That tail is magical. It is a scalpel. A laser scalpel. Get that tail engaged and on the hinge then hold on. The speed is addicting and variable in the tail rocker due to the flex is next level for sure. Got a few more and definitely got my groove on. The flex is way different and leaps bounds better than other flex incarnations I have tried. The two ride photos areobviously not Chris in playful Hawaiian conditions but rather Mr. Mackie himself on a past NZ trip.

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