Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Trefz Deal

Here's a nice little offer for fans of fine surf art & film. We now have available copies of Patrick's debut film 'Thread' for a mere $10 including shipping to where ever in the world you are, and to sweeten the deal you can get Patrick's 'Thread' book (a collection of photography and stills from the making of the film) for $25, shipping included, and we'll throw in a copy of the movie as a bonus. Young Trefz hasn't been resting on his laurels either, after finishing 'Idiosyncrasies' (a very fine film and available for $25) he's been working on a new book titled 'Surfer's Blood' and from what I've seen it's a stunner. Also worth mentioning is that Mick Waters' excellent 'Little Black Wheels' is being screened at the San Diego Surf Film Festival which seems like it'd be worth a visit if you're in the lower part of California. Naturally you can still see Mick's film if you're not- signed copies are available for $25,shipping included of course. To ask questions, make a purchase or just tell us something interesting, email info @ Our thanks for those of you that have purchased these things, you're helping support some interesting, creative and very independent artists.


o4trix said...

I'd like to pick up a 'Thread' package from ya'll, what's next?

Kirk said...

just fire me an email at and I'll sort you out. Thanks.