Thursday, May 10, 2012

Skateboarding Hall Of Fame

Major credit to Glen E, Friedman who is being inducted into the Skateboarding Hall Of Fame tonight! A deserved honor I believe, and the same for his fellow inductees who include Peggy Oki, Jay Adams and Frank Nasworthy. Stecyk does the intro tonight, so it should be an entertaining time. Normal transmission is resumed, I'm back after a grueling bout of traveling. Thanks to the dateline I flew over some nice looking Piha surf at 9am on May 8th, then some nice looking Sydney surf at about 11am on May 8th followed by typically weak Los Angeles surf at 1pm on May 8th. There was about 17 hours in a plane and several hours in airports in there as well. A long day by anyone's standards, and to rub salt in the wound I didn't get to go out in any of the aforementioned surf. Still, a little sleep and I'm feeling well enough to drag the mini Sim out today and see if I can still remember how it works. Glen photo by Mathew Chai, Frank photo lifted from Hydrodynamica. Frank is an early proponent of the fish surfboard and rides them still. It's a small world.

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Great shots