Friday, September 09, 2011

The September of Australians

Ah the Aussies- they talk funny, they drink all your beer and they've been scoring all the good surf of late. At least they haven't been letting it go to waste, and they've been very good indeed about sharing the documentation. The inbox is full of image files so it'll be a decidedly aussie-centric month. Mick Mackie has been extra good with the high grade material, there will undoubtedly be a post a week involving him, so why not start there? Couple of sleek looking fish, very tidy stub with volan inlay, an exotic flex experiment- this stuff is golden, and we're just getting started. Go see Steiny tonight if you're in San Francisco.

And immediately the Australians are sorting me- that top photo is in fact by Dean Dampney. Entirely my fault, I plucked it from batch Mick sent and figured it was one of his. This is why you ask these things. I liked it well enough to use it first, and after checking Dean's website Submerge I can at least say I've got good taste- his photos are pretty amazing and worth a look. Sorry Dean, but feel free to share a few more- we'll give you full credit for here on.


Dampney said...

Hey Kirk, stoked you liked the black and white image (posted above). It's a shot I took of a guy called Ryan who rides Micks boards down here on the South Coast of NSW. Be even happier if you let me know you were going to use the photo and perhaps credit it. No hard feeling at all though. Cheers mate, Dean.

reverb said...

...hello man,
long time,
that egg outline looks fine and very clean

Kirk said...

Yeah Reverb! Good to see you back and posting, you have me inspired on the tri fin action!

HeadHighGlassy said...

I got a chub for that stub.