Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lost In The Ether

Mick Mackie riding one of his sidecut rocket fish, image Kidman from 'Lost In The Ether'

Garth Dickinson with a Mackie sidecut fish, reworked image Kidman from 'Glass Love'
Frame by Joe Curren who will do just as nice of a job framing art for you if you'd like.

Lost In The Ether is Andrew Kidman's new film. It further develops the themes he's worked on in his last two films and it features some brilliant surfboard designers. Here's Garth Dickinson talking about Mackie:

Garth: Peak moments he calls them, “I’m always looking for Peak moments,” he says. I think the other thing that’s unreal is; having a shaper that lives around the corner and he’s your mate and he sees you surf all the time. I think that’s a real privilege to have that kind of situation. Also he’s such a great surfer, he’s just a classic guy to hang out with.

The film is initially only available from Andrew directly by going here and it's in a signed and numbered edition of 1000 copies, packaged with an 80 page hardbound book. It will be very good indeed I'm sure.

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