Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The Fruits Of A Decade Of Flex Research

EPS Quad. 6'0" x 21 3/4" x 2 5/6". Hand foiled fins. $750 but I think I'll be keeping this one. We'll sort a custom for you if you want one.

PU/Carbon Fiber Flextail. 5'9" x 20.5" x 2 7/16". Hand foiled keels. $900. Again a custom can be done but may run a little more due to exchange rates. for any questions

???? Full images soon enough.

Mick Mackie delivers. (Well, actually Jeff delivered them but you know what I mean.) The boards arrived and exceeded all expectations, and those were some very high expectations. The quad is one of the most fantastic surfboards I've seen, it's like a totally clean MotoGuzzi, the thing looks fast and lethal just sitting still. The foil on it is pretty amazing and it weighs next to nothing. The flextail is the essentially the same dims as the one that has given me several of the best sessions I've had in the past year, except this one sports some handmade keels that are foiled to a knife edge. The Project board (dubbed the WTF? on being unwrapped) is essentially ground zero for this stuff, the beginning of the path and damn near impossible to adequately describe. Mick Mackie is the real deal surfboard shaper, a genuine innovator who is lucky enough to be able to build the boards that interest him and do it by hand. There's no pandering to the mass market by cranking out machine shapes or slightly modified versions of whatever is currently hip. These are his design concepts that he's quietly refined and tested, and I'm very proud to be involved with it in any form. My enormous thanks to Mick and all the others that keep surfing interesting- you guys are doing a great job at the moment.


eric said...

I ride an outre quiver, but these boards are from another stratosphere. got flex? indeed.

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Anonymous said...

all hail

dogleg said...

so want to try a makie sidecut.
are there demos out there?