Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"___" is here!

Well done Australia Post, less than a week and they're here. It's a really entertaining film, I'm stoked to be involved. The concept is simply the Byron crew doing their thing. This involves a lot of surfing, mostly on very nice boards from Dain Thomas and Sea Surfboards, a fair degree of partying, and some loitering between swells. They have nice waves, a good ear for music, substances to abuse and fantastic surroundings to be creative in. There's no message, no chest beating shredders, no dolphins are saved and it's the best surf film I've seen in a very long while. It comes as a 50 page b&w photography book with DVD for $50, or as a 25 page photo zine with DVD for $30, shipping included inside the USA. Foreign friends, you'll love it too as long as you have a NTSC compatible player and an extra $7 for postage. Ordering is done by emailing me at Messrs. Abegg and Yeates, my thanks to you.

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