Tuesday, June 01, 2010

EPS Quad Sidecut by Mick Mackie

Boards and photos by M. Lumiere Mackie, talented bastard that he is.

Two quite phenomenal board posts in the space of a week? I know nothing about these beauties except they're EPS and quads. And sidecuts as you can see. And they look like they would be outstanding under the feet. Mick will custom build one for you if you want- I may well need one myself. Who knows, there may even be surf for it to be ridden in sometime too although there certainly wasn't this AM. The Ekstrom went to it's new home today and he was indeed stoked.

Hmm, a further note- Mackie's lawn looks nearly as bad as mine. He's been surfing a lot admittedly, I have no excuse.


Mick said...

Secret spot shots!! The PC locals will be on the warpath.

Anonymous said...

Met Mick in his shaping shed several months back and he built a custom Stringered EPS twin (Rasta Future Fins) side cut. It is amazing!!!

Get one you won't regret it.