Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Show (in brief)

Demo lineup

The Wegener Bluegill was the hit of the demo boards, seriously stoked a few unsuspecting surfers out

New Shirts, more of them soon.

Tomo started the weekend with 4 boards and a didgereedoo in his booth, and managed to upgrade to a car seat and another board before long. Doing it fully independent style.

There was new Yard Possum footage so good it could only be shown for the last few hours of the weekend.

I lagged on taking pictures because we were actually pretty full on busy. Thoroughly enjoyable show though, hung with lots of good people including assorted bloggers and internet friends which is always really fun- putting faces to the pixels as it were. Grand show too; Hess, Matt Moore, Stretch, Tomo, stunning Yater boards via Ancell, Stecyk and Ho putting in an appearance, Reno in full effect, everything from handplanes to logs and all the stuff I'm probably forgetting. Had a genuinely fine time.

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