Thursday, April 08, 2010

Sacred Craft, Ventura, Sat and Sun.

Correct, this picture has nothing to do with anything but that's because I hope to come back from Sacred Craft with such an array of surfboard related photo goodness that you'll be overwhelmed, like the kids who ate all the Easter goodies in one sitting. There will be the usual Wegener/Hydrodynamica combo booth, I'll be there repping a few Mackies, the Ekstroms should be there in person, both boards and designer, there's a stellar new shirt design from Tyler Warren to debut and hopefully some fun opportunites for surfboard fanciers will get of the ground over the next few weeks. Come on by and say hello, handle a few boards and enjoy the sheer extravagance of it all- I've heard there may even be some unannounced movie bonus on Saturday afternoon for those of you with an eye for kneeboarding and the like, so it's a definitely a something for everyone situation. You may even get to see Scott Bass himself.
OK, just one surfboard and one you'll not see in Ventura that's for sure- a Squire fish for the discerning English gent. Found this after the fish post and it's too damn pretty not to use.


plcasey1 said...

hope 2 see u there Sunday!

hydrodynamica said...

that picture has everything to do with everything.