Monday, November 09, 2009

Weekend Update- I Heart Fins

Random Image For Update, but I wish I had this spray.

So there was some swell, a bit too north and a bit thrashed by the wind, but over the course of a few days and a few beaches it was from chest to head high and enough push to warrant breaking out the flextail with the new fins as seen in the pic below. Could not be happier, they felt utterly great- loose and with some very noticeable twang out of the turns. Sketchy late drops were no problem and they held in on some barely controlled hacks- I felt like an over caffeinated 21 year old at times, with the board turning like a thruster but driving like the fish it is. On a few good ones the board felt totally alive, like a puppy straining on it's leash and I came way from each go-out full of what it is that makes surfing so great- pure joy basically. A well designed surfboard is a wonderful thing, Mackie is a genius and I take back nearly every bad thing I've said about Australians over the years. Thanks for your time, back to out normal programming.

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plcasey1 said...

ha, great post. I've seen this board before--makes me want a single fin.