Saturday, November 07, 2009


I love Autumn, there's some swell in the water, the warm spell has given a burst of life to the garden- aside from the Queen Emma lilies there's all sorts of greens coming in- and the temps are cooling off which is always nice. Of note to you surfboard fans is the fact that you can get a really nice hand shaped surf craft from Speedy Kidman- he's doing some customs while he's here in the States and he makes a decent board. Check Shipworm and Gribble for details or drop me a line- it'd certainly be a nice Christmas present for someone. I've also found a few of the black Casper with Casper shirts too.


plcasey1 said...

looks like Andrew makes a nice channel bottom single fin. So does Jeff Beck in HB--damn those eps/balsa shapes are light!

Kirk said...

P, if I had any money I'd have a 6'3" 6 channel widowmaker from Kidman and a 5'10" open face sandwich composite board from Jeff on the way for winter. It's guys like these that are doing the stuff that keep surfboard design moving.