Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thread monthly #1- The Basques

Patxi Oliden by Patrick Trefz from the Thread book. Signed copies available for $30, email me.

The opening image of the Trefz book. Patxi is the first Basque shaper (check that Diff template behind him.) Before starting on boards, he shaped oars, and his label apparently translates to 'Democratic Surfboards' as he felt everyone deserved the chance to surf. This man is truly a legend, and I highly recommend you read 'A Basque History Of The World' by Mark Kurlanski. You have no idea how how badly I want to go to the Basque country, but for now I make do with the fact that we wound up with a run of 500 copies of 'Way Of The Bird' translated into Basque. I leave the last words to Patxi, from his manifesto also printed in 'Thread'.
'Nahiko zaila da detaile guztiak gogoratzea; nik uste, nahiko garbi dagela hemen estaen direnekin zer metaodo erabiltzen nuen.'


Niegà said...

Cool!... Here is Patxi again in case you hadn't seen this video:


Kirk said...

Thanks Niega, that vid is completely excellent even though I couldn't understand a thing! He seems like such a cool old guy, and that's a fun wave at about 6 mins

Niegà said...

If you ever manage to make your way around here let me know and I'm sure I'll get you a bed/couch somewhere.



jdo said...

My first was an Itxas Tresna, it was a dog, bought if off Patxi @ '71. I was one of those kids who came with their parents....Stoked as hell! Rode it till it delamed in Zarautz, mostly. My second was a G&S I bought in Biarritz @ '75, a real beauty, named it 'Bodhitsattva'...
Thanks for that, Juan

Anonymous said...
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