Sunday, September 13, 2009

And Party We Did...

Another September, another celebration of that which is mad, chaotic and Simmons related in surfing. Number 7 was a really good one- Jamie Brisick, Jon Wegener, Ryan Thomas and Andy Davis all in the same room- any one of those gentlemen is entertaining enough to warrant the drive to San Diego, all four at once was classic. The Old Man Hands Gypsy Orchestra played briliantly again, Elwell, Bahne and co. brought the knowledge, photogs Ryan Field and Maggie Marsek were there with cameras in hand, crowds of international flavor came and went and a few just stayed, films were played, Tyler Warren showed with footage and a board, I talked to a very cool surfer from Senegal and the Manny Caro Mobile Disco wound out the night for the lovers and dancers in the parking lot. Boards too, some seriously fine ones- Bauguess, Ekstrom, Mackie, Mirandon, Thomson, Wegener and a few Fryes for good measure. There's a teaser above and more pics soon. Here's the new shirts, limited quantities in mens med and lg on the Ando Bodysurf, Casper in all sizes and the blue one is for the ladies.

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