Sunday, August 16, 2009


As I've mentioned before, there's often someone's custom surfboard sitting in my house waiting delivery, and almost inevitably I'm frothing over the thing, wishing it were mine to soil with wax and pressure dents. This one is an absolute beauty, a 5'6" Simster via the talents of Joe Bauguess, and having ridden an earlier prototype of this board, I'm pretty heavily stoked on how this batch look like they'll ride. The original Simster is a lot of fun, sort of a performance version of the mini Sim with the trailing fin and narrower tail giving serious hold and responsiveness- whereas you surf a dual fin, these boards feel a lot more neutral and like a thruster go where you point them no problem. Unlike a thruster however, the Simsters have that awesome drive and planing feel of the mini- maybe not as blazingly fast down the line, but in more serious waves the speed of the mini makes some of those bottom turns a skin-of-the-teeth affair and there's none of that feel here. It's a really nice option on the days that the fat little fish isn't going to be the sensible ride. Along with the Lynch single fin, definitely the board discovery of the past 12-18 months for me. In case you feel like ragging me on the start of the garden, there's chunks that look might fine- like this.


Mitch said...

OMG, I'd love to take this board out!!!

Any bid of these being ridden?

Keep up the excelent work.

Mitch said...

I meant: Any vid?

Kirk said...

fire me an email- I have vid.
info at

HD said...

I totally love this board too A friend has one from a couple of bays away, and I keep meaning to hook up and surf it.