Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ether Monthly #4

Mark 'Sutho' Sutherland by Andrew Kidman.
From 'Ether' available from Foam and Function

For many of us antipodeans, Sutho is something of a hero. He was and is responsible for the mighty 'Gonad Man' comics, some of the finest 'surf art' ever made. Back in the old days, the mighty Testicular one was a mind blower, utterly hysterical and totally universal in it's lack of respect for the sacred cows of the culture. It was around this time that young editor Kidman met mighty artist Sutho in the 'Waves' office and the two have been co-conspiritors of sorts ever since, both artistically with Sutho contributing animation (and genius monologues- check 'The Ghosts Are Calling' film, available with the new edition of 'Litmus) and musically as the Val Dusty Experiment. The above photo is from the morning after the band broke up. Sutho is still at it and Gonad Man is back at For a low subscription price you can have the new work delivered straight to your desktop- genius!

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