Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ether Monthly

Pat Curren

Terry Fitzgerald

Andrew's internet postings have lulled due to having too much to do basically, so I'm picking up the slack. Ether is something I'm incredibly proud off, I can still leaf through that book and be blown away by how fantastic it is and I'm utterly stoked to have had a part in making it, although obviously it's all about how insanely good Andrew's photographic eye is. Case in point, these two shots. I love the 'hands of a craftsman' deal here, and it's righteous to think how good these two boards would have been. Andrew once gave Terry a tour of the US end of the little business empire we have going and all he had to say was "Appearance is everything in business Andrew." Thanks Fitzy, coming from someone who used to shape in his front room that means a lot.

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