Thursday, April 09, 2009

3 from Mick Mackie

A few photos from Mick- I think they're getting some swell in those parts so no doubt there's some R & D going on.


Brennan's Pub said...

great stuff, the lines on the surfboard are dead on...the tail on the winterstick(?) is so severe, it still looks progressive

both boards have that lamb. countach thing, they could be "old" but still seem futuristic...great pics

warm jet said...

just dying to try a Mackie!!!!!
i'm friends with Graham and RT at Shelter and the one they had was gone too fast!
I also live in LA which i believe you do?
The Winterstick at 6'0"/ 6'2" would be for me.
Any chance of some sixes like these in the works?thanks

Kirk said...

Mr. Jet- I have the 5'9" flextail around in LA and hopefully a new batch coming up soon, sooner if Sacred Craft pans out well for us!