Thursday, February 05, 2009

Glen E.

Weird times, we have swell sort of but it's chased in by rain and the good old adverse winds. When I was a frothing youth this was times we'd be out with the skateboards, hitting the local bowl on spells between the rain (there was a lot more rain where I'm from) and hanging at someones house listening to shitty tapes or LPs when the rain came back. Friends older brothers were a huge influence, we learnt about things like Lee Perry, Hawkwind and punk rock. Now all these years on Alva is stoked on the Swift boards and still skates like a madman (check the Hydrodynamica blog for fine video documentation) and the mighty Lux Interior has passed on. Amid all this Glen E. Friedman has been documenting it all. He's still as stoked and crazy as Alva or Lux.

I'm glad these guys do what they do, it makes it all more fun. Here's the last shirt.

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Surfsister said...

I've wanted a shirt but I figured you only had men's shirts. I'm sure I was right. But I'll take that shirt if it's a small. Send me an email.