Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Foamy goodness just don't quit

Between the hard economic times and the folks having families it seems like there's some quality used boards being shaken loose and put on the open market. Here's a couple of gems I've been made aware of. The first is a 5'4" EPS Bauguess shaped kneeboard, with zinger bottom, pad and sweet avocado tint. Perfect condition as it's barely been ridden due to child care duties and it doesn't get much more cool than an underground SD kneelo. A deal at $600. The twin is another shot of the Hank Warner 5'6" starfish. Seriously cool board and a design that's not easy to find. Keels are shaped by Steve Seebold, board is Hydrodynamica project custom and has a wicked purple tint, pinlines and is $450. Email me at info at if you're interested, and prices are firm- I'm just passing the info on for the sellers so I can't negotiate.

The surfboard fun doesn't stop there, in fact I'm nearly in overload. Made a run to San Diego and checked out the new Simster that has appeared on the Hydrodynamica blog. It's a thing of beauty, very odd and sculptural yet it looks like pure performance. I await a ride report with interest. On the way down I stopped in at NineLights and saw Jeff Beck's latest project which, like the Simster seems totally futuristic yet intelligently functional. Jeff made a wood/foam composite for RT of wwaarrbblleess fame that seems from photo evidence to be the proverbial shred biscuit. (Check the Cabinessence blog for proof). A high point of the trip was a meet with Tim Griffin who loaned me a 6'5" double bump Lynch single fin- serious looking board with a Lynch design fin in it that will have at least one post devoted to it when I get the thing in the water. It may prompt a trip to central cal to find a wave worthy of it. Last and certainly not least I'm hoping to collect new Mackies tomorrow night, and there's a couple that will be available for sale, pictures will definitely be following.

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