Saturday, January 17, 2009

Soup Is Good Food

And again it's time for a celebration of some sort. This go-around is looking champion- there will in fact be soup along with a load of new and really, really good t-shirt designs, some amazing new Hydrodynamica Test Pilot series boards, I'll bring what Mackies I have at this moment, musical treats of all kinds and no doubt some mysto film clips will be shown. Fun for the entire family.

340 16th St, San Diego 92101


asmith said...

I plan on making it with Grom in tow!

Jamie said...

Dug this one up on YouTube. Vid clip features Mick Mackie surfing what looks to be one of his flextail fishes, can't tell if it's a sidecut version or not. His wave starts at 1:19. His surfing really stands out from the rest in the clip.